Guess- the- sex and Baby Showers

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In case you are wondering what this could possibly be, here’s a little explanation: There are many ways to celebrate the birth or the coming of a baby, but no one ever thinks of celebrating the sex of the baby. Cameleon MGT is offering parents the unique opportunity to reveal the baby’s gender and celebrate it in a way that’s never been done before. Instead of calling all your friends and family to inform them about what the sex of the baby will be, why not throw a big fun party? We will help you organize a great event full of games, gadgets, joy and laughter with your guests experiencing hilarious scenarios while guessing the sex of the child. At the end of the party, the winners get a prize when the sex of the baby is revealed!

You won’t believe the things your guests will be asked to do, but we guarantee that they will have the time of their lives doing it